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At Wilczek Woodworks we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. We proudly offer fine quality Dog Carts, Dog Wagons, Siwash Harnesses and other equipment for canine draft work.

In 2015 Wilczek Woodworks turned fifteen years old. We started with our training wheels and have added many new items over the years. In 2009, we introduced a new line of carts and wagons to meet our customers' demands for products that can be shipped out quickly. We call this new line "WIN" for "Want It Now". They are well built and very reasonably priced.

Puppies along for the rideWe have also expanded our line of Hay Carts. They now have different shaft options and solid rubber wooden wheels are available. In addition, they have been redesigned to come apart for traveling and they are more adjustable to fit different size dogs.

Each and every product is hand made, from the first cut of wood, to the last coat of finish. We carefully select only the finest quality wood, to provide durability, rich color and texture, and pleasing grain.

The care and expertise we put into our products helps ensure that our carts and wagons will last a lifetime and be passed on from generation to generation. We test and use all of our products ensuring that they perform as designed.

We continually strive to improve our products, making it safer & easier for you and your dogs.

The final design of our Wilczek Siwash Dog Harness incorporates recommendations of respected draft judges as well as our own improvements of older designs. Our Breeching Strap will ensure your dog can safely and comfortably handle heavier loads.

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