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Menz Family - John (14), Mac, Dan (9), Henry (6), John Sr., Adams, Kessie and Liz1407 views04/26/06 at 12:29Guest_Anon: Laughing
River Glen Visit Brought Lots of Smiles1243 views03/02/06 at 02:11Guest_Anon: These puppies are precious and add many smiles to ...
Mac and Kessie Take the Pups for a Sleigh Ride1575 views03/01/06 at 22:39Guest_Anon: Razz
Mac Barbie Jeffey and Kessie Admiring the Pups1280 views02/05/06 at 04:21Guest_Peter Oberfest: I love this photo...
Pups starting to play1306 views02/04/06 at 00:59Guest_winnie: they are sooooo cute, can't wait to get my han...
Pups starting to play1306 views02/02/06 at 13:53Guest_Anon: Laughing They are adorable.
Adams 14 Days Old1153 views01/30/06 at 02:26Guest_Peter Oberfest: They're spectacular - what's better than a...
Washington 14 Days old1191 views01/29/06 at 20:37Guest_jet: Wink love them to death but not to much he is so be...
Adams Day 4 - Male - 2.2 Pounds1158 views01/16/06 at 14:32Guest_Pauline: Congratulations! Another adorable litter, but Ada...
Crawfordan Jefferson101205.jpg
Crawford and Jefferson October 10, 20051389 views12/24/05 at 01:13Guest_Richelle: I love the web page it is awesome to see the dogs ...
Proud Parents with Puppies1793 views10/24/05 at 02:24jenn kimball: these are beautifull dogs, I want to learn more!!!...
Proud Parents with Puppies1793 views07/24/05 at 03:38Nancy Berg: I just loved your pictures! Smile
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