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Relaxing at the BMDNV Draft Workshop in 20041585 viewsDec 06, 2004
BarbieBillBMDCNVintro talk.JPG
Bill and Barbie giving introduction at the BMDCNV Draft Workshop in 20041419 viewsDec 06, 2004
Buck Sykes and Molly B with Deluxe Cherry Small Competition at Nashoba Valley Test 20032103 viewsDec 04, 2004
Snowden with Standard Basic Red Oak with Mahogany Slats Wagon3307 viewsDec 04, 2004
Barry Huey and Timber with Basic Red Oak Small Competition Cart getting help from Jerry Pixton2119 viewsDec 04, 2004
Rowdy and Mac Unsucessful Novice Brace Test at Potomac Test 20032179 viewsDec 04, 2004
Max-Deluxe_ White_ Oak Wagon~0.jpg
Max with Pooh and Standard SizeDeluxe White Oak Wagon3414 viewsDec 04, 2004
Maggie Anne with her Standard Basic Red Oak Wagon3162 viewsDec 04, 2004
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